Tempow's Bluetooth tech lets you play music on multiple speakers

Think of it as a built-in Sonos setup right in your phone

Bluetooth might have freed us from the tyranny of cables, but it's only able to connect with one device at a time. Tempow thinks it has the solution for that, at least for your Android smartphone.

All your speakers at once

To get past this limitation, some speakers decided to use alternative protocols such as Spotify Connect and using WiFi instead of Bluetooth. But there are many people who still purchase Bluetooth-only speakers because they tend to be cheaper and easier to procure.

What Tempow does is provide an alternative Bluetooth driver that allows your phone to transmit audio to various Bluetooth devices, all at the same time. It is compatible with pretty much any other device that runs Bluetooth audio as it works with all standard Bluetooth chipsets.

This means unfortunately, it won't work on iOS as Apple has its own Bluetooth chipset and wouldn't allow the use of a third-party driver on the iPhone.

Samsung's Galaxy S8 might allow you to play music on two Bluetooth devices at the same time, but Tempow allows more flexibility and more devices. For instance, this could mean you could have various people with Bluetooth headsets all listening to music from the same device. That'd be quite the private listening party. 

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[Source: Techcrunch]