Temperfect is the coffee mug of your dreams

A perfect cuppa at the perfect temperature for hours? New Kickstarter helps make long days bearable

Coffee, nectar of the gods and the ever-constant companion of those needing to work long hours or at ungodly times of the morning. Like writers and, oh, scientists.

One particular scientist spent 15 years of his life to create the ultimate Goldilocks coffee mug to your coffee would never be too hot or too cold, but just right. His creation, the Temperfect could just be the answer to your caffeinated dreams.

Keeping it hot

A standard-sized 16 oz travel tumbler, it looks like the average run-of-the-mill cup that fits into your car cup-holder, with a shutter on the lid.

But that is where the ordinary ends and the good stuff begins. What you don’t see is the special insulation layer in the mug that absorbs the excess heat (so you won’t burn your tongue) quickly so you won’t have to wait long to enjoy your cuppa.

That heat does not just go away. What is genius is that leftover heat is slowly released back into your drink so it stays nicely hot. Just put your coffee cup down, come back to it and it is still pleasant to drink instead of being unappetisingly room temperature.

The Temperfect mug is the brainchild of scientist Dean Verhoeven, who spent years creating prototypes of the mug and even learning how to make stainless steel mugs on his own! Talk about coffee dedication! But he has just recently teamed up with young chemical engineering grad Logan Maxwell. who coincidentally had the same idea for the mug for a senior design project in college! Talk about a match made in coffee heaven.

You can head on over to the project to get your own mug for just US$40 (RM131.40). The Kickstarter has already met and exceeded its funding goal and is targetting to ship out the mugs in seven months. You have 12 days to hand over your money, caffeine junkies!

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