Taylor Swift falls flat in Apple Music ad

Ouch, that's got to hurt

It's only a matter of time before Apple rolls out Taylor Swift, Apple Music's greatest acquisition to date, in one of their ads. 

And it's only apt that it's about Apple Music. In it, she muses about hating cardio, takes the viewer through a short tutorial on choosing a suitable playlist, and settles on Jumpman by Drake & Future.

As she goes through her workout, she raps along, complete with awkward flailing arm movements until the inevitable happens, because nobody can ever multitask to that degree, not even T-Swizzle. Mad respect for the commitment to turning out a good ad. Watch to see what we mean. 


Apple's really killing it with their latest series of snappy, funny celebrity-fronted ads. And this, aside from the Cookie Monster one is one of the most memorable to date because of sheer starpower. Question: when is it going to be Drake's turn?