Tamagotchi is back to claim your heart and wallet

The original virtual pet has a new home in your smartphone

Remember the days when everyone was slave to a beeping monster that demanded your constant attention? No, not a baby but a Tamagotchi. Well, thanks to Bandai Namco, the virtual creature is coming back cuter and likely more addictive than ever.

Rebirth of an addiction

The original Tamagotchi was known for its simple but addictive concept: feed it, play with it, give it as much attention as you would a live animal. If you forgot about it, you'd be forced to start all over again. It was a great way to introduce kids (of all ages) to the challenges of pet rearing without killing actual animals in the process.

Bandai Namco's new version comes in an app called My Tamagotchi Forever and it's set to be a free-to-play game, with a release expected worldwide in 2018. Aside from having to look after it, you'll get to play mini games for coins to dress up your virtual pet or fork out real money for the, erm, privilege.

What's even more fun is that there's a contest going on right now on the official website where you can register for a draw, with the winner getting a Tamagotchi modelled after him or her. So everyone will get to experience you as a Tamagotchi, for better or for worse.

Look out for this nostalgic blast-to-the-we-didn't-know-better past come next year.

[Source: Toucharcade]