Tada! Microsoft unveils its Microsoft Band fitness tracker

It’s also got a new health platform to sit alongside its wearable
Tada! Microsoft unveils its Microsoft Band fitness tracker

They say it’s better late than never – and Microsoft may be a little late to the wearable devices bandwagon, but it intends on taking a huge bite of the fitness tracker user market.

The wearable, named Microsoft Band, works across all major mobile ecosystems – so even if you own an Apple, Android, or even a Windows smartphone, the new device will work seamlessly on it.

The wearable is said to have a strong emphasis on fitness (duh) but it’s not one that only works to measure your vitals when you’re working out. It’s meant to be worn all day to keep track of not only your exercise but also your sleep patterns.

There are 10 sensors on the device to measure the likes of your heart rate, in addition to a unique UV sensor that identifies sun exposure and a “galvanic skin response measurement” that apparently identifies your stress levels – pretty impressive so far.

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Microsoft’s also taken the veil off its fitness tracking service, called Microsoft Health. As you would have predicted, it basically analyses data retrieved from the band into the cloud. You can use this companion app on iOS, Android, and Windows devices, and as an added feature for Windows Phone users, it will also support Microsoft’s Cortana voice assistant.  

Sources have indicated that Microsoft will also soon work on partnerships with several vendors, including Starbucks to enable Band users with the opportunity to pay for coffee with a “gift card barcode”. This might take a while to get rolled out locally, but the idea of using a wearable to pay for goods appeals to us.

Microsoft band will be available through the tech giant’s physical retail and online stores as of 30 October (in the US) for $199 (about RM654). Local pricing and availability is yet to be announced but as usual, we’ll update this space as soon as we get it.

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[Source and image: BusinessInsider]