SymGym lets you beef up while you game

Sorry, your coach potato gamer excuses are now invalid

Been wanting to work out but it feels more fun to just stay home and game instead? Well SymGym plans to change that.

Yes, you can stay on that exercise machine

What SymGym does is add resistance training to your gaming setup, instead of being like the Wii and Kinect that forces you to get up and move around. It lets you use the machine's pedals and handles as a dynamic controller that adjusts itself according to gameplay. For instance it will add more resistance in games where you are carrying things or create step controllers that become difficult to push with your feet.

It can also work like a Playstation or Xbox controller though it works better with simpler games such as Pac-Man or Asteroids or games built with it in mind.

While it's certainly not sexy or very portable, it does offer an interesting way to workout while you game and as SymGym is working with indie game developers to create games just for the system, it has a lot of potential to grow into its own unique gaming platform.

Final pricing has yet to be decided, but SymGym plans to create its own SymGym studios and charging a US$15 (RM65) fee per hour to use the machine inhouse. The first studio is expected to open in late 2016.

[Source: Gizmag]