Swyp promises to consolidate all your cards in one metal package

No, it's not a crowdfunded project. It's already on preorder and promises to be a smarter way to spend
Swyp promises to consolidate all your cards in one metal package

We mentioned Coin a while back, but another credit card consolidator's popped up - Swyp is not a crowdfunded project but has a working product that should be good to ship by the fall of 2015. The Swyp card is made of metal as plastic was deemed not hardy enough.

It can hold up to 25 different cards, including credit cards, debit cards and loyalty cards.

Spending is but a Swyp away

You will need a smartphone to use Swyp as it connects to an app on your phone via Bluetooth LE. The app will require a PIN as further security. To add cards, you would use a special dongle and the app will allow you to organise your cards via categories or nicknames.

What sets Swyp apart from the others is its location-based prediction. If you tend to use giftcards at the Apple Store, it will learn that. This doesn't mean Swyp actually stores your data on a cloud. Far from it. It just learns your habits via locations and there is no way hackers can access your credit card numbers via the cloud.

Swyp looks like an interesting proposition for people tired of bringing stacks of cards everywhere they go though with so many other services wanting to do the same thing, not to mention Apple's own payment platform, Swyp will have to work hard to set itself apart.

It's on preorder now for US$49, 50 per cent off the US$99 retail price.

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[Source: DigitalTrends]