SwiftKey update brings a host of cloud features

The swish keyboard app now syncs your personal writing style across multiple devices and adds trending phrases
SwiftKey update brings a host of cloud features

Drag-to-type keyboard app SwiftKey has just been updated to a 4.2 beta version, and that brings with it a whole host of cloud-based extras. Dubbed, funnily enough, SwiftKey Cloud.

First and foremost, perhaps, is a backup and sync function which, rather than keep your personal writing style (which SwiftKey learns as you use it) restricted to a single device, uses the cloud to sync it across all SwiftKey-equipped phones and tablets you’re using. It also keeps it safely stored in the cloud so that if you lose your device, you can recover it.

SwiftKey Cloud also picks out trending phrases from Twitter and other news sources, recognising them more easily when you’re typing them. This feature is only available for US and UK English at launch, but will be brought to 11 more languages soon.

Enhanced personalisation

SwiftKey 4.2

Finally, there’s enhanced personalisation via SwiftKey Cloud’s ability to integrate with your Google and Facebook accounts and use them to learn how you write, the spellings you use and which words commonly follow other words.

Other, non-cloud-based improvements to SwiftKey included a neater settings menu and enhanced configuration options for built-in and Bluetooth-connected physical keyboard.

Android users can download the public version of SwiftKey 4.2 beta here.