SwiftKey breaks out the keyboard

London firm SwiftKey is on a mission to change the way we type - and their latest app lets you customise your Android keyboard to your heart's content

Swiftkey's hugely successful app now lets you move the keyboard around on screen to your heart's content - with a one handed mode thrown in for those difficult typing moments on those ridiculously large screen phablets.

One handed typing

'It’s a complete rethink on how you present your keyboard — allowing you to “undock” it from the base of the screen, resize it, and present it in a compact, split thumb-typing or regular way,' said Ben Medlock, co-founder and CTO of the London-based firm.

'Allowing people to manipulate the location, size and layout of the keyboard not only makes it easier to type – it gives our users a more personalized way to interact with their technology and each other,' he said.

Swiftkey version 4.3 also has three preset modes - compact, full and thumb.

You can download the beta version here.