Swatch tries to return to relevancy with smartwatches

Remember when Swatch was a fad in the 90s? The watchmaker is betting on a comeback
Swatch tries to return to relevancy with smartwatches

It's been awhile since we heard from Swatch, known for its trendy colourful wristwatches. They were a big deal way back in the 90s but as fashions turn, so did the company's fortunes. Now it's hoping to reemerge by competing with other brands for a piece of the smartwatch pie.

Retro smartwatches, maybe?

Swatch is actually in a good position to be making smartwatches as it has experience making touchscreen watchfaces since the 90s, and has made super-thin longlasting batteries that are bendable. Perfect for insertion into a wristwatch.

The company plans to make its smartwatch compatible with Android and Windows Mobile devices and is in talks with unnamed retailers about implementing wireless payments via its watches via NFC.

Looks as though the smartwatch is going to get pretty crowded. But all eyes are going to be on Apple's smartwatch as the one to beat.

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[Source: The Register]