Swash presents the perfect instant cleaning solution for your fine fabric wear

Insert the garment of your choice into this futuristic cleaning pod, and have it ready to wear in just ten minutes
Swash is a gentle almost instant clean for your fine fabric wear

Is this the wardrobe of the future?Close, but not really. This futuristic pod isn't a passive storage unit; it refreshes your clothes instead.

Refresh? You mean wash, right?Nah, don’t expect to chuck your muddy soccer jersey in and have it emerge fresh as a daisy. This machine doesn’t exactly wash your clothes.

What does it do then?! You’re wasting my timeCalm down. The Swash can still clean your clothes, just not ones that require heavy duty cleaning as the machine doesn’t use water in its cleaning process. Instead, what it does is remove light wrinkles and neutralises odours by spraying a fine mist of Swash Pod solution on your clothes. Heat is then circulated through the pod to remove wrinkles.

The light cleaning process is perfect for more delicate fabrics like your Mr Money silk pyjamas and cashmere sweaters without the possibility of ruining them.


Cleaning fine fabrics typically require a lot of work...Not with this. All you have to do is hang your garment inside and attach it to the smoothing clips to help the dewrinkling process along. Then, pop in a Swash Pod cup (just like you would refill your Nespresso machine), select the cycle, wait for the lights to count down and voila, your fancy dress shirt is refreshed and ready for wear.

Swash is a gentle drive-through clean for your fine fabric wear

Will this be cheaper than going to the dry cleaners?Well, that depends on how often you visit the dry cleaners. At US$499 (RM1580), the Swash definitely doesn’t come cheap, but it’s handy for retaining the fit of your clothes and keeping them clean without leaving them at the mercy of the thorough but rough tumble of your washing machine.

The Swash Pod cups come in a pack of twelve for US$7 (RM22.15) in three different flavours (Awaken, Recharge, and Unwind) depending on what your nose fancies.

Is there any point in buying this?If your daily attire comprises of t-shirts and jeans, don't bother splurging on this. But if your wardrobe is full of designer dress shirts, you might want to invest in this to extend the wearable health of your S$500 shirts.


[Source: Uncrate]