Sustainable solar power now comes in a compact, waterproof case

Goal Zero: The Ground Zero of solar power?

Solar power’s always been the dream of the anarchist, sorry I mean environmentalist,  that wishes to topple the polluting, oil-chugging, capitalist society of today. Well now, we’re one step closer to the dream fellow ideologues!

An inherent problem of solar power is that the Sun goes away at some point of the day for 95 per centof the planet, while the 5 per ceent that does could get the Sun the whole day only has it for 50% of the year and spends the remaining 50 per cent in near-total darkness.

Here comes the sun

Goal Zero is giving us one possible solution: they’re selling solar panels that enable you to charge electronics directly from the panel while the panel simultaneously charges battery packs that you can use to charge from later.

The prerequisite of needing the Sun is unavoidable of course, but through cloudy and rainy days, dense urbanscapes or foliage, and through the night you’ll have a few hours of charge for your electronics. The application isn’t only for your phones or tablets of course.

In a way, the company is probably hoping to feast on the prevalent gadget addiction. Lee Fromson, the president of the company said, “People just can’t live without their technology. If you're driving to work and you've forgotten your wallet or glasses, you'd keep coming in; but if you forgot your phone, you'd turn around and go home to get it.”

That said, any of the more essential electronic devices also benefit such safety devices like GPS or flashlights or water filters or medical equipment. This element of reliable power is why the company is also taking steps to reach out to communities still without electricity.

Recently, Goal Zero went to Najavo Nation in Monument Valley, Utah where still 18,000 homes are without power. Their solar panels were able to give them some of the basics, like light and some small portable device support.

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[Source: Fastcoexist