Surrender your iPhones, trade them in for a Xiaomi Mi Note or Mi Note Pro

It’s a bold move, if the company’s actually working on this program
You might soon be able to trade-in your iPhone for a Xiaomi Mi Note or Mi Note P

For years, Xiaomi’s been a mobile underdog, trying to gain market share with its cheap but spec filled devices. But in more recent times, the Chinese company’s been expanding its reach across other Asian markets, garnering the name “Apple of China”.

It is with this confidence that Xiaomi could be working on a move against one of the biggest mobile device makers in the world. Sources have reported that Xiaomi’s media development director mentioned that the company will soon launch a marketing assault on Apple by introducing a new Xiaomi-for-iPhone trade-in program.

According to this Xiaomi employee, you would be able to hand in your iPhone 5s or older iPhones for the recently announced Xiaomi Mi Note. The offer is said to also be extended to iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus users, who can trade-in their units for the Xiaomi Mi Note Pro.

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There’s no indication of the condition in which these units have to be in. So for now, we can speculate that be it in a good or bad state (although we think they need to be in working condition), you might be able to score yourselves one of these Xiaomi devices.

And if you’re thinking about all that data, contacts, and apps you’ll have to start from scratch with, Xiaomi might have you covered for that too. It might be prepping an app that will make the switch easy by migrating and merging all of these for you.

We suspect that if there’s any truth to this claim, Xiaomi will first unleash the program in China, before rolling it out across other markets like Singapore and Malaysia. It might possibly then dominate the world, one iPhone at a time.

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[Source: GizmoChina