Surprise, Maxis doubles MaxisOne data

Separate daily, weekend quotas

It's beginning to get really confusing telling the telcos apart: Maxis now has done a Celcom with its separate data allocations for weekday and weekend, while increasing the data quota.

More data, same price

Proclaiming that it's doubling MaxisOne customers' data allocations, for free, forever, the tweaked plans now have separate allocations for weekday and weekends.

The new data allocations are as follows:

MaxisOne plan RM188: 50GBMaxisOne plan RM158: 40GBMaxisOne plan RM128: 30GBMaxisOne plan RM98: 20GB

The catch is that the data is divided into a 50/50 split for weekdays and weekends. So the RM98 plan would have 10GB allocated for weekdays with 10GB only for use on weekends.

So it's quite possible to finish up all that data on the weekdays while still having some of the data accessible but only on weekends.

Maxis users should be receiving their upgrades from 15 to 18 November, though on social media it seems some people have already received word of the updates to their quotas already. A caveat though: the weekend data is not shareable among any supplementary lines. Instead the MaxisOne ShareLines will have their own weekend data quotas.

Good news for those clamouring for more data from Maxis for what they're paying, what with the very competitive prices the competition is offering.

[Source: Maxis]