This surprise Japanese Star Wars trailer is full of new footage

We thought we’d seen as much as we’d see prior to release – but we were wrong

Remember a couple of weeks ago when the “final” Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer arrived?

We thought – because director J.J. Abrams said as much – that it’d be the last batch of new footage seen before the film hits cinemas on 17 December. Well, J.J. Abrams was apparently fibbing (or perhaps uninformed), because yet another trailer has rolled onto the Good Ship Internet, and it’s got a load of new stuff in it. We could go through and explain all the stuff in it, but it’s probably better if you just watch it yourself.

Although, we will say that it does have lots of looks at Kylo Ren’s broadsword-style lightsabre. Just in case you were wavering.

Now, this probably really is the last lot of new footage you’re going to see before The Force Awakens hits your local multiplex. So enjoy.