Surprise – iPhone 6 looks exactly like the iPhone 5

Apple's next-gen iPhone has been snapped in the wild looking very familiar indeed
Surprise – iPhone 6 looks exactly like the iPhone 5

Photos showing the rear and insides of the Apple iPhone 6 (or 5S) have made their way onto Mac Rumors. No prizes for guessing what it looks like either – a carbon copy of the iPhone 5.

Assuming that the next iPhone will indeed be the 5S and not the iPhone 6 as previously suggested, this news should come as no surprise. But is there anything different?

Well yes, if you look closely enough. The most notable difference is the longer LED flash on the rear, which suggests that the iPhone 5S will make use of a dual-LED flash for brighter snaps in dim conditions.

The logic board also matches up with the newer one spotted earlier this week. Mac Rumours also points out that the battery appears to have a slightly larger capacity and that the same A6 processor could be present, though given the lack of a label, it could be a newer one. But is it real?

A few things would suggest no. The date code implies that it was made in late October, which seems too early for Apple to be churning out its new iPhone. Then again, this could be an early prototype.

Either way the iRumour mill is showing no signs of slowing down, so we'll be sure to keep you updated with all the whispers as and when we hear them

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