Surprise! The Apple Watch has been sneakily hiding a secret port all along

And it might prove to be the solution for wearers’ charging woes

Who knew that a device this small could still hide something as important as this on itself?

Remove the Apple Watch’s strap and you still won’t see it, for the 6 pin port is hidden under a tab that must be opened with a tool. No one knows what it’s for exactly, although it’s speculated that it’s used for diagnostics (untrue) or transferring software (unconfirmed).

You’d think that since no one is quite sure what the port does, that no one would mess with it, right? Wrong.

Oh no, they didn't

One accessory maker, Reserve Strap, has already jumped the gun and announced a strap with a built-in battery that will charge the Apple Watch via the mystery port as you wear it.

The company was previously working on another strap prototype that would make use of the Apple Watch’s inductive charging back. But its engineers have since verified the eligibility of the hidden port as a charging outlet. This has led to the company to come up with a more direct solution -  a simple, retractable connector instead of the previous inductive charging cradle design.

Charging it this way would be a faster affair, but we can’t guarantee it’d be the safest.

If you and your Apple Watch would like to live dangerously, you’ll have to part with US$249 (RM898) for the pre-order. We wish we had half your guts, but we’re practising a lot more caution as to what we plug into our precious US$349 (RM1260) Apple Watch. Consider yourself warned.

We’ve reached out to Apple for comment on the purpose of the mystery port and will be updating the story when we hear from them.

[Source: 9to5MacMashable]