Sunrise's iOS keyboard extension is a genius productivity hack

Meet allows you to quickly key in calendar appointments in iOS without switching to the app

iOS doesn't like to share. Share screens, that is. So running two apps in one window just isn't going to happen, which makes running multiple apps a tad frustrating. The Sunrise Calendar app has discovered a workaround, though. Think: keyboard extension.


No split-screen? No problem

It's genius - at least that's what serial calendar users will think. With Meet, the keyboard extension, you can just pull up the keyboard from within any app and just punch in the details of an appointment. Fast, simple and now you have no excuse not to forget an appointment ever again.

The second great thing about the extension is that you don't even have to make Sunrise your default calendar app. Sunrise syncs to Google's calendar and iCloud, so you can continue using your own preferred  calendar app and it'll work just fine too.

One hiccup is scheduling meeting with other people. Sunrise sends over an HTML link to the people you invite and it also requires them to enter their email to confirm an appointment. This is problematic security-wise and the HTML link could easily lead people to think your meeting email is just another phishing scam. Still this is an interesting way to make use of Apple's keyboard to multitask and opens a frontier for other apps to somehow sneak their functions in while another app is taking up the screen.

[Source: Fast Company]