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5) Chuck Norris punches your smartphone

Chuck Norris completed Destiny - without owning a games console. It should be no surprise, then, that his mobile game is a whirlwind of selfie stick-smashing, roundhouse kicking and horse head-wearing, that doesn’t actually require you to play it.

Oh, sure, you can instruct Chuck to perform specific moves, upgrade his weapons, garms and animal accomplices, and jump through rifts - but he doesn’t need you to do that. Leave him to it, come back to the app, and you’ll find that he’s defeated plenty of enemies in your absence.

Still, it’s a bunch of fun and easy to dip in and out of, with plenty of Chuck-themed quips chucked in for good measure.

Drop everything and download

4) Retro Freak goes old-school

This week brought confirmation that the much-vaunted NES Classic Mini is no longer being produced. Boo. Cue, then, a search for a worthy replacement - a console with which to, erm, console ourselves in the Mini’s absence.

Up popped the Retro Freak, a plastic box of diminutive proportions that’s capable of playing titles from 12 throwback games machines - including the NES, SNES, Mega Drive and (if you’re feeling dangerous) Game Boy.

Sadly, the hardware is cheap and a lack of pre-installed games make it an expensive way to get your old-school gaming fix. If you’ve a stack of cartridges sitting in a shoebox, though (or you’ve got some ROMs to stick on an SD card), then it’s a very capable all-in-one nostalgia machine.

Get your freak on

3) Sony sticks a whole lot of numbers in its new camera

Sony has something of a thing for topping out specs sheets. Just look at the XZ Premium. So it is with the newly announced Alpha a9 mirrorless camera.

Take its full-frame, 24.2MP CMOS sensor: it’s been stacked to make it 20 times faster than previous Sony shooters - which means continuous RAW shooting at a speedy 20 frames per second. It’ll focus better than a student after three coffees, too, thanks to a whopping 693 phase detection autofocus points - across which the a9 can perform 60 AF/AE calculations per second.

Oh, sure, it’ll cost you £4500 (RM25,385) for the body only (not to mention RM8800 for the G Master 100-400mm lens that goes nicely with it), but you’re getting a whole lot of numbers for your wonga.


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