Study: Malaysians really like multitasking on their phones

We just can't put those phones down

A survey was held in over 50 countries globally with 400,000 individual assessments done by TNS Partnering and Google, they have concluded that our continent, Asia, is relying more on smartphones than PCs for their internet needs.

It seems that the portability of smartphones are making people here put down their tablets and laptops as data shows that 36 per cent of Malaysians only use smartphones and nothing else, 1 per centbehind Thailand. The data also shows the buying pattern leaning more towards smartphone purchases. The data also shows that 51 per cent of Malaysians do their research on their possible purchases online by heading to the shops. At the end of the day, Asians still like to hold and have a proper look at the device.

Top 5 Malaysian smartphone activities:84% – use it to monitor their social media networks79% – use it for search engines78% – consume videos58% – dig up info on a product53% – play games / listen to music (draw)

But this may not be a win for us as it shows that we Malaysians have pretty short attention spans.This is due to the fact that we spend most of  our time looking at our phones and trying to do something else like driving or watching the TV. If you have the traits below, then you fall into the percentage of people that may have trouble concentrating on one thing.

Unable to concentrate on one device at a timePrefer to have a multi-screening experienceComing to terms that the TVs is slowly just becoming a big screen, just another avenue to view content

With that being said, the numbers are increasing and this could be a sign that technology is making us much more dependent on them therefore instigating the market to come up with more devices that takes up more of our time. For more info, you can check out the poll yourself and see if any of the traits sound familiar to you.

[source : SoyaCincau]