Study Confirms: Google Assistant Is Smarter Than Siri And Alexa

Hey Google, you're the best!

If you're wondering which virtual assistant is the best so far, the results are in. A recent study conducted by Loup Ventures has given some insights on the performance and efficiency of popular virtual assistants Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant. Based on their results, Google Assistant came out on top, with Alexa being last.

The study was conducted by asking all the three digital assistants 800 questions each, with the grading system based on two major metrics; did it understand the question and is the response correct and satisfactory. Google Assistant managed to provide correct answers to 93% of the questions while Siri stood at 83% and Alexa managed to score 80%. Despite how it sounds, this is actually a massive improvement when compared with last year’s results where Google Assistant scored 86%, Siri managed to score 79%, and Alexa had a measly 61%.

But just because Google Assistant scored high overall, it doesn't mean it was the best in every category. The study included 5 categories in which the questions asked were classified as; Local, Commerce, Navigation, Information, and Command. Local category involved questions like nearby locations, Commerce involved ordering products, Navigation had questions asking for the route to certain destinations, Information contained general queries, and Command had daily commands usually asked by people like setting an alarm or reminder.

Based on this, Google Assistant topped the Local category, which is quite obvious because of the seamless integration with its own services like Google Search and Google Maps. Another category Google Assistant wins is in the Commerce category, as well as Navigation and Information categories. The only category Google Assistant lost was in the Command category, where Siri took a marginal leap.

Of course, when buying smartphones, many people don't consider the efficiency of their virtual assistants. But it's still worth knowing if you do decide to depend on your virtual assistant a bit more.