Study claims the most influential gamers are in, surprise, Africa

The Ninja Metrics Social Value Report claims that where social reach is concerned, Africa has a better handle on it than US or even Asian gamers

In an interesting infographic, analytics company Ninja Metrics showed the most influential gamers and countries according to its study of 365 million gamers across the world across 250 countries and regions. The results are rather surprising though you have to take into account that the findings are based on Ninja Metrics' own metric that measures the monetary value of player influence.

Some gamers are just better at marketing

Ninja Metrics calls players with higher degrees of social influence Social Whales. No, we're not making it up. These whales are able to convince other players to spend more time and money in a game.

What the research showed is that while developing countries have less income to spread around, their influence reaches further. Africa is the most influential by this metric, followed by Asia and Europe. North America however, produces the fourth most-influential players while the US is at the bottom of the 10 countries where player social influence is concerned.

This data does matter to game companies as apparently 60 per cent of spending is attributed to player influence, not the game itself.  iOS players are worth 1.5 to 2 times more than Android players, but Android players are 15 per cent more likely to be influential.

To see the full infographic, head on over to the Ninja Metrics site.

[Source: Ninjametrics]