Student Rates Available For YouTube Premium And Music From MYR6.90 Per Month

You will need to verify you're a student of course

YouTube Premium and YouTube Music had finally launched in Malaysia, with the service being offered from MYR17.90 per month for YouTube Premium and MYR14.90 per month for YouTube Music. While you can save some money if you go for the family package for MYR26.90 per month for five family members, there's also another way to get a cheaper subscription; but you will need to be a student.

With the student subscription plan, YouTube Music is at MYR6.90 per month and YouTube Premium is at MYR10.90, this makes it significantly cheaper than the usual plan as mentioned earlier. You will, of course, need to verify you're a student and this will be determined by SheerID where you will need to create an account. Plus this offer is only valid for up to 4 years maximum, so even if you do intend to use this service from high school to university, YouTube won't keep offering the student rate to you.

If you're not a student, you can still enjoy YouTube Premium with Music for free for the first 4 months (only available on selected devices), so you can still take some time to enjoy it and see if it's worth paying for.

For those unaware, YouTube Premium is a subscription service where you can not only watch videos ad-free, you can also save all videos and playlists offline on your device. You can also stream videos in the background while you run other apps, which means you don't have to put it on pause or close it completely to check out the latest on your Twitter feed.

You can find out more on the official pages for YouTube Music for students and YouTube Premium for students.