Strings app helps you un-send embarassing texts

Sent texts you wish you really didn't on New Year's? Have this handy before 2016 comes around
Strings app helps you un-send embarassing texts

Ever sent a text in anger or after a bit too much bubbly? Strings promises to make that go away, but only of the person you texted to is using the Strings app too. Think of Strings as yet another messaging service; just that you get to take back inane chats if you need to.

It offers a bit more control as to what other users can do with your photos and videos, allowing you to keep them from being downloaded or shared.

Watch that selfie disappear

Strings app helps you un-send embarassing texts

Besides the control of your media, you can also decide if and when content is deleted, immediately and permanently.

Maybe you accidentally sent a photo of you with too little clothes on to your friends' group - you can just set it so the photo is deleted from every single phone in the list immediately. It won't be able to stop them from taking screenshots, though, just so you know.

While the idea behind the app is sound, the reality is the app is pretty useless if your friends aren't on it. Not to mention, it'll be a lot less hassle to just be smarter about what you keep on your phone and what you send out.

The whole celebrity hacking scandal should have clued most people that maybe keeping sexy pics on your phone aren't a good idea.

If you think you can convince your friends to give Strings a try, just download the app free from the App Store.

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