Stream PS4 games around your home: Sony launches new PS Vita and PlayStation Vita TV console

The father of the PS4 has outed a slimmer Vita along with a sub-US$100 games console
Sony launches new PS Vita and PlayStation Vita TV console

Sony has revealed a new PS Vita model along with an all new PlayStation Vita TV, a miniature games console that'll only set you back around US$100.

The PlayStation Vita TV is essentially a Vita crammed into a sleek little white box which gamers can hook up to their TVs.

You'll need a PlayStation Dual Shock 3 controller to play and although it's sold separately, there will be a more expensive package which includes a bundled controller on launch day.

At launch the PlayStation Vita TV will support around 1,300 titles, comprised of all the current downloadable PSone and PSP games on the PlayStation Network. Sadly the Vita TV won't be able to play PS Vita games that require a touchscreen or motion controls.

Still, at least you can use it for video streaming. And once you've got your shiny PS4 set up, you'll be able to stream PS4 games (at up to 1080i) to any room in your house via the Vita TV.

It's a nice little buy for US$100, especially with the PS4 streaming thrown in, but we can't help but think that updating the existing Vita with DualShock support would be a cheaper and more elegant solution.

The PlayStation TV launches in Japan on 14 November. We're still waiting for release dates and pricing information for the rest of the world.

New PS Vita

Sony launches new PS Vita and PlayStation Vita TV console

Sony also revealed an updated PS Vita that's – surprise surprise – 20 per cent thinner and 15 per cent lighter than the existing model. It's also available in a selection of different colours.

An OLED display has replaced the existing LCD offering, which could have something to do with the extra hour of battery life on offer.

There's also a new larger 64GB memory card, though we'd have preferred it if Sony ditched their proprietary nonsense and shipped with standard microSD support.

Again, only the Japanese launch date and prices are available for the time being, but if you're in the land of the rising sun on 10 October and have around US$190 burning a hole in your pocket then the new Vita could be yours.

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