Strapping an iPad on your face in the name of VR

A poor man's Oculus Rift or ingenuity at work? The jury truly is out on this one
Strapping an iPad on your face in the name of VR

"Give me money so I can strap an iPad Mini on your face. Or if that's too uncomfortable, maybe just an iPhone 6."

That's the whole premise of the AirVR Kickstarter, a novel new way of creating virtual reality goggles, not by building them from scratch but by using existing Apple technology. Like that iPad Mini you have lying around. Fortunately the people behind AirVR figured out that a regular iPad would be overkill.

How does this work? Basically it's a modified harness that uses the iPad screen to deliver images via rubber eyeplates, all held together by straps.

Really terrible or really cool?

Strapping an iPad on your face in the name of VR

How does the product leverage off what an iPhone and iPad is capable of? Apps, of course. The package will include apps that will allow you to get close up views of your photos, panoramas and movies.

The software development kit will also allow developers to work with the popular Unity3D gaming platform and make VR-ready games. Considering the number of people who already own both iPhones and iPad Minis, that's a market just waiting to be tapped.

What we're slightly sceptical about - claims of comfort. The "ergonomic foam pads" and "adjustable ballistic nylon" look really, really uncomfortable. Let's not also pretend that the iPad Mini version of the AirVR looks ridiculous. No matter how you try to explain it, it is really hard to sell "we let you strap your iPad Mini to your face" as an attractive value proposition.

Still, that's the point of a Kickstarter, eh? As the US$20,000 the makers are hoping to get will be used to refine the design and get the device mass-produced.

The saving grace of this device is that it's (comparatively) cheap at US$49 (RM158) not including shipping. 

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