STGCC is back, get ready to geek out!

The annual Singapore Toy, Game & Comic Convention has quite the exciting lineup
STGCC is back to tantalise the geeks

Games. Toys. Comics. That's what you can expect at the annual Singapore Toy, Game & Comic Convention. The convention may be across the Causeway but we're pretty sure that a bunch of you would be making your way down south for all the fun. We managed to take a sneak peek at what you’ll experience at the event, happening from 31st August to 1st September at the Marina Bay Sands.

Geek out with games

Hideo Baba and Aza

Hideo Baba, producer of the Japanese role-playing game Tales of Xillia, makes his first appearance at STGCC. Besides the Sony PlayStation 3 exclusive game that commemorates the 15th anniversary of series, Baba has other games like Tales of Grace, and Tales of the Abyss under his belt.

When queried on his favourite game, the avid gamer was all praises for Super Mario Brothers, and expressed his regret at not being able to eat mushrooms and grow bigger like the titular character.

Korean cosplayer Aza also received praises by Baba for her portrayal of Milla Maxwell, a lead character in Tales of Xillia. Though he said that the the 8-year cosplay veteran has captured the essence of the character, Aza admits there’s one thing she cannot emulate - her athletic moves.

Toys for boys and men

Hot Toys Iron Man 3 Midas
Hot Toys Evil Superman
Despicable Me Minion
Hello Kitty Ugly Doll

Boys (and men), you can pretend to be Tony Stark when you step into the life-size replica of the Hall of Armor from the Iron Man movies. No, the Mandarin won’t be there to shred you to pieces, but you can ogle the fancy suits. And please, don’t try to run away with any of the suits..

But you can bring home a Hot Toys 1/6 scale Midas (Mark XXI) from Iron Man 3, which will be available at STGCC. There are more Hot Toys exclusive items from 2013 Toy Fairs, including The First Avenger, the evil version of Superman from Superman III and figures from G.I. Joe Retaliation sold at the event.

Even men succumb to the charms of the minions from Despicable Me, so if you see a grown man bringing a Build-A-Minion set or Interactive Dave toy out of the hall, cut him some slack. Watch out for the Hello Kitty Ugly Doll collection, if McDonald's hasn't satisfied your Hello Kitty cravings.

Comics connection

Vampy Joe Cebulski
Vampy Bit Me Rei Ayanami

STGCC has some other notable names coming down including celebrity cosplayer Linda Le, or better known as Vampy Bit Me, Marvel comic book writer/artist Joe Madureira and senior vice president for Marvel Studios/Disney C.B. Cebulski.

At the STGCC media session, Le was clearly the centre of attention, dressed as the telepathic mutant Psylocke from X-Force. The cosplayer had a sheepish grin as she recounted how she used boxes and pretended to be Soundwave from the Transformers franchise. Though she mostly cosplays characters from comics, Le said that she will be appearing as a character from live-action Japanese film, Gatchaman.

Cebulski, who has been spreading the Marvel message, shared some advice for aspiring comic artists and writers - start on short and small stories, and work your way up. The talent scout is also hoping to reunite with three random strangers, who invited him for some beer and durian during his visit last year, and bestow the latest Marvel comics upon them.

On the subject of their favourite heroes, Madureira’s response got quite a few chuckles. “Psylocke,” he replied cheekily right after he glanced at Vampy Bit Me. When the laughter subsided, he admitted that Spider-Man tops the list, while Le shared his fondness for Venom as his favourite villain. Cebulski, on the other hand, has a soft spot for a lesser known mutant, Danielle "Dani" Moonstar.

[Image credit: Vampy Bit Me]