Steam Discovery Update makes it easier for you to find new games you'd like

As if you didn't already spend too much on Steam, Valve customises your experience to make it easier to view only the games you would buy
Steam Discovery Update makes it easier for you to find new games you'd like

If you turned on Steam today and found it looking, well, different, then you've just seen the latest Steam Discovery Update. This update is all about making it easy to part with the contents of your wallet. As though the Steam Sales don't already do that.

What's most notable about the revamp besides the minor aesthetic tweaks - still black and grey but now with a lot more blue (to match your face once you've realised how much you just spent on games) - is that you get a lot more say about what games get shown to you. Less reminders about discounts on games you aren't remotely interested in and more viewing games you probaby would want.

Your Steam home page feels more like home

Steam Discovery Update makes it easier for you to find new games you'd like

The customisation options are pretty interesting - you can decide what you want to display though Valve does that for you initially. For instance, you can leave out games already in your account or display them in case you're thinking of looking out for the next sale so you can buy gift copies.

Other options of categories to display include Early Access games, DLCs for games you already own, prepurchased games or even software.

A fun new aspect of the update is the new Discovery Queue. It parades a collection of games for you to look through, where you can then either add them to your wishlist, follow the game's updates or tell Steam you're just not interested.

If you're the type who likes writing reviews on Steam, then prepare to call yourself a Steam Curator. A Steam Curator is basically a fancy name that Valve gives to Steam Curators are individuals, organizations, and groups that publish reviews and recommendations in a public forum on Steam.

The only catch is you need to be the administrator or officer of the public forum you're on. This is probably a rather sneaky way Steam is using to get people become more participatory on forums. Expect a whole bunch of new forums to pop up as people try to earn the title Steam Curator the way they accumulate Steam badges.

Valve has also tweaked its Recommendation Feed to help you find more games you'd like, which is great considering how limiting the last recommendation feed was as its criteria was pretty narrow.

So what are you waiting for? Load Steam and the new update. We'll weep along with you as your wallet empties faster than it ever has before.

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