Start menu could return to Windows... in 2015

The next Windows update will finally bring peace and easy access to programs back to the Windows community
Start menu could return to Windows... in 2015

Listen closely. Can you hear it? Cheers of joy from disgruntled Windows users at the possibility of the Start menu’s return. 

Yes, a real Start menu that lists your programs in the good old Windows 7 manner. We hope this isn't another trolling attempt from Microsoft, when it announced the return of the Start button that brought users to the Metro user interface. Despite frustrated feedback by users over how troublesome it is to access games or programs via the Metro UI, Microsoft did little to fix that in Windows 8.1.

Rather than relying on Microsoft, Windows users have willing paid US$4.99 for Stardock's Start8 tool, which brought the full functionality of the Start menu back to Microsoft’s operating system. The return of the Start menu could put this nifty little tool out of business. But for now, it’s still the best tool for Windows users who lament the loss of the Start menu.

The Threshold update is also rumoured to allow Windows 8 apps to run as a pop-up on the desktop, though once again, Stardock has already covered that with its ModernMix tool.

Don't get too excited about these changes, which are still unconfirmed and most likely won’t see the light of day till Threshold's expected release in early 2015.

Image credit: Stardock

[Source: The Verge]