Stardock’s software lets you have AMD and NVidia GPUs on one PC

Save money by being able to add any video card alongside your old one

Multiple graphic cards on a computer was a nice idea, but having cards from Nvidia and AMD together on one machine? Unheard of but Stardock’s made software to make it possible.

Previously to have more than one video card on one PC, both needed to be linked via either AMD’s CrossFire or NVIDIA’s SLI and be the exact same model. No more. Stardock says that you can combine any two graphic cards and it’ll work.

Stardock CEO Brad Wardell told GamesBeat that gamers could mix and match cards however they like with the tech, which has yet to be given an official, name.

The tech could potentially help people save money as instead of having to buy two fancy new graphic cards of the same make, you could potentially just buy a new one and install it alongside your current graphic card to give your PC a boost.

Wardell says that Nvidia is enthused about the software as it will give PC gaming a huge boost though neither the company nor AMD are as crazy about the idea of their cards being combined on one machine.

One caveat is that overclockers might find it tough with the new setup as DirectX 12 might make their tinkering difficult.

Still if the software is proven to work, this could be a big boost not just for graphic card sales but for motherboard and monitors. The savings from not having to buy two new graphic cards could go into, say, a VR headset, a board with more PCI slots or a fancy 4K monitor.

Being able to add another graphic card to boost GPU capacity instead of having to buy one new fancy video card (or two) is a game-changer. One that will definitely make it easier to upgrade gaming PCs. Your PC can’t run a game? Just add a new video card alongside your existing one and you’re good to go.

[Source: Venturebeat]