StarCraft II will be free-to-play from 15 Nov

You'll only really need to pay money for the expansions, with other items being optional

StarCraft II was a great follow-up to the original game. It's been seven years and the game has had expansions in that time, but the latest news is that it's now going free-to-play.

Power overwhelming

That will happen when 15 November comes around, and additional expansions will be available for purchase.

This is perhaps Blizzard's way of keeping the game alive instead of going for a StarCraft III.

It might disappoint fans who were hoping for more from Blizzard, but seeing as how WarCraft IV looks more like a dream instead of reality, this might be a great way to get into one of Blizzard's classic titles.

Don't forget - the original StarCraft is a free download whIle the remastered version is already available for a decent price. Or you could just do what the cool kids are doing and play Overwatch instead.