Star.21 fitness band guilt-trips you into good health

This tracker helps you form healthy habits in 21 days with its carrot-and-stick approach
Star.21 fitness tracker

Another fitness tracker? I've got an armful of them…The Star.21 is a little different. Aside from looking rather lovely, with its glossy triangle-pattern finish, it's designed specifically to help you form healthy habits.

Don't all fitness trackers do that? When you first get them you're all about the calorie-counting and step tracking – but once the novelty wears off, you fall back into your bad ways. The problem, Star.21 reckons, is that it takes 21 days for new behaviours like healthy eating and activity to become habitual.

So how does it keep me on the straight and narrow? By grabbing you by the short and curlies, essentially. Star.21 pairs up with the Lifebalanz iOS/Android app over Bluetooth BLE – it's designed to shepherd you through the 21-day process of forming new habits. It presents your fitness goals as a journey; succeed in meeting your daily goals and you'll advance a step, fail to do so and you'll backtrack.

Essentially it's guilting you into doing better. Reminders and notifications pop up more frequently during the first few days, before tailing off as you form healthier habits.


What does it track? All the usual metrics – it tracks your steps, sleep habits and monitors how many calories you're burning off. Like Fitbit's Flex, it'll show you how close you are to your daily goals using percentages displayed through an LED array. It'll also provide Smart Reminders to prompt you to drink water, go to bed, and get off your backside.

So how much is it? Star.21's currently raising funds on crowdfunding site Pozible; you can snap up a band for £19 on the lowest reward tier.

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