Star Wars Theme And Stickers Now Available For Facebook Messenger

Sorry, no Baby Yoda =(...

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is an inevitable hype in just days. To celebrate the final episode of the mega-franchise, both Disney and Facebook have teamed up to roll out a new set of Star Wars aesthetics, which include a dark theme, AR filters, stickers and emojis.

If you want to experience the new Star Wars theme, just be sure to update the Facebook Messenger to the latest version on Android and iOS.

If you have already updated the app but still can't see the theme in the settings, it is possible that it has yet to be available in the Southeast Asia region. But we can confirm that the sticker set is now available and ready for use.

We don't know if the theme is going to be perpetual. According to GSMArena, Facebook mentions that the theme is limited edition, which might point to the possibility that it won't be up for long. 

In line with this news, The Mandalorian has been picking up in trend the past couple of weeks, with Baby Yoda (or more canonically known as The Child) winning the hearts of many Star Wars and non-Star Wars fans the world over. Here's to wish that there will be a standalone Baby Yoda sticker set on Messenger too.