Stand Stand is your personal, portable standing desk

It's a simple but ingenious idea - make a standing desk that you can take with you anywhere without breaking your back or bank
Stand Stand is your personal, portable standing desk

Standing desks are all the rage these days as it's been found that sitting at desks for too long is really, really bad for your health. Standing desks can be expensive custom jobs and not all that convenient to bring around with you but those might be problems of the past with a new Kickstarter.

Stand Stand is a cute but very descriptive name for a portable little standing table. Made of light wood, you could easily pack it up and bring it with you to the office, a nearby coffee shop or outdoors if it strikes you (but where would you find power sockets in the park?).

Good for your health and wallet

Stand Stand is your personal, portable standing desk

How is the stand constructed? It's basically made of three pieces that are simple enough to assemble and disassemble. You would think the stand would be flimsy but in a test, the stand could manage 900lb(408kg) without automatically going under. Pretty impressive for something constructed out of wood.

The stand is made of what its makers claim to be "especially strong Baltic birch plywood" that has seven layers glued together and you also have the option for bamboo.

Stand Stand also comes in various sizes: 9-inch, 12-inch and 14-inch as the stand in itself is not adjustable so at the very least you will have options for your own comfort.

At present time, the Kickstarter has already nearly tripled its funding goal, making it already a success. Only question is: will the Stand Stand be shipped out in time to all its funders?

The Stand Stand costs US$50 (RM163) and also ships internationally for a small fee.

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