Spylight app makes your favourite TV shows your clothes catalogue

Now you too can try and look like Don Draper

Admit it; you've had those days when you see something some actor's wearing on TV and immediately want it. Benedict Cumberbatch's Sherlock coat was a massive hit for fine apparel maker Belstaff, despite its hefty £1,350 price tag.  Spylight knows how you feel by helping you identify who made the wardrobe you so covet.

Your secret wardrobe dreams realised

All you need to do with Spylight is point your phone at the TV and you get to literally “shop the screen”. You could choose to do that and aim your phone at the screen or you could look saner by opting to browse the database of hundreds of TV shows and movies, and the clothes they feature.

The developers are working with studios to identify and listout the wardrobe worn by the actors on set and stores them in a database so that clothes are available on the app as soon as the show airs.

You know what this means, right? Your secret dream of getting your hands on the yellow jumpsuit from Breaking Bad will be realised. Just don't try this in the cinema, unless you fancy being punched in the face. Download it free from the App Store.

[Source: Thenextweb]