Spotify’s Time Capsule brings nostalgia to your playlist

Feel like some throwback tunes? Spotify has just what you need

Spotify has just what you need if you are hankering for a trip down musical Memory Lane. The new Time Capsule picks out tunes from your teens and early 20s, requiring very little effort from you.

A nostalgic playlist

It’s essentially a playlist and features 30 songs generated from information about you. One thing, though, you won’t see the playlist being updated or refreshed, unlike, say, your Discover Weekly playlist.

What made Spotify release this one? It’s due to the success of its last personalised playlist, Your Summer Rewind, that also brought back songs from people’s summer memories in one easy place.

The dedicated website for the feature can be found at its website here. It should be available to most of its users across 60 markets. So what are you waiting for? Enjoy some throwback tunes as you chill today, before the weekend arrives.