Spotify Adds A New Insta Story-Like Feature For Songs

Get into the heads of the artists behind your favourite songs.

It seems after Snapchat showed how popular it was for people to post stories of their day-to-day life through 10-second pictures and videos, every social media platform was ready to implement it into their mobile apps. First came Insta Stories, Facebook Stories, and now it’s Spotify’s turn to join in with Storylines.

Spotify has done a great job in providing users with a great music streaming platform as well as introducing people to all kinds of new artists and genres. Slowly, Spotify has added more and more little features that really enhance the music listening experience, from adding videos to hit songs, to the popular “Behind The Lyrics” feature that gives you a quick explainer on the lyrics of a song.

The new Storylines feature is an extension to the Behind The Lyrics feature, but instead of a third-party Genius explainer on the lyrics, Storylines will be a much more intimate experience. With the artists themselves posting Insta Story-like vignettes on the song, offering first-hand experiences and interpretations on the current song.


This feature is now under testing with artists like The Jonas Brothers and Billie Eilish, though more and more artists will be added as it goes live. Right now the feature is available for users in the US and the Netherlands. Hopefully it will reach us sometime this year.