Spotify Running mode now on Android

Spotify trying to up its game

The Running mode for Spotify was previously exclusive to the iOS but is now available for all Android users.

Its main feature is its ability to match the user’s running pace with the music played, enhancing the immersive workout experience.

The function works by utilising the sensors on the phone to determine the pace of the user and selects songs that matches the tempo or mood that matches the tempo. You could say that it helps motivate runners for a much longer and focused run.

Other settings you get to play with mostly revolve around the types of mood that you want but if you are using a treadmill, you may need to hold the phone for a while so that the phone can calibrate your pace before you place it on a holder.

The app is already available to Android users and you can download it on the Play Store.

[source : DigitalTrends]