Spotify coming to PlayStation, killing Music Unlimited in the process

Even free accounts are welcome, with background play while gaming on PS4
Spotify + PlayStation

Big news for PlayStation gamers: Spotify is headed to Sony’s platform, bringing the massively popular streaming music service to consoles and other devices later this spring.

Sony says that its new PlayStation Music app will support both premium and free, ad-supported accounts when it launches on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and Xperia smartphones and tablets. And while all can support access to Spotify’s full library and custom playlists, Sony says the PS4 version will allow players to listen to streaming music in the background while gaming.

There is one potential downside to this new addition to the PlayStation ecosystem: Sony’s own Music Unlimited service is being shut down this spring to make way for PlayStation Music. It’ll close on 29 March, which is said to be before PlayStation Music debuts. (Maybe on 30 March, then?)

Current Music Unlimited subscribers - are there many of you out there? - with active subscriptions on 28 February will get the final 30 days of access free. We recommend getting to work on a playlist of depressing songs to mark the impending end of the service.

Or, if you’re a Spotify user itching to access your favorites on PlayStation, maybe start building a playlist of booming party songs and power pop to celebrate its promised arrival. Your choice.

[Source: PlayStation.Blog]

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Asia finally gets unilimited music on PlayStation

For far too long, Sony's Music Unlimited service never came to Asia, leaving its users in Singapore and Malaysia in the lurch. Spotify's new PlayStation Music partnership with Sony, however, will change that.

It's confirmed that PlayStation Music's availability in 41 markets also includes Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan. Thus, ending the dry spell for music lovers in Asia.

Best of all? It's free.