Spotify and Starbucks taking over the world, actually, just music.

Baristas becoming DJs. We sense the apocalypse

Starbucks and Spotify - a match made in heaven? That's what the latter is hoping for by signing a deal that will give premium Spotify access to baristas. Baristas will then choose songs, create play lists and annoy the heck out of customers.

Spotify is providing the licenses and the tech, even tweaking its own app to include Starbucks. 7,000 Starbucks locations in the US will benefit from the deal as will Spotify Premium users who can collect Stars Currency, which is likely to mean earning free food and drinks from Starbucks.

The partnership will be introduced in phases beginning this fall in the US before moving to Canada and the UK. Starbucks also announced earlier this year that they will no longer be selling CDs in their stores, so now we know why.

[Source : The Verge]