The Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Sequel Is Hitting Theaters In April 2022

Miles Morales, Gen Z’s iconic web-slinging hero will be back and waiting 3 years for the movie is going to test our patience, big time.

Have you heard? Last year’s most beloved Marvel movie with a soundtrack worth listening to a millions times on loop has fired up Twitter when it announced its release on April 22, 2022. All that the tweet read was the date and the #Spiderverse, and that was all it took.

Over 700,000 likes and retweets were amassed in less than 24 hours on the weekend after the glitchy-gif announcement that looks like a multiverse Spider-Man logo with the familiar comic-book style visuals that gripped the audience in its bold animation.  

Sony and Disney have been dropping hints since its multi-million dollar box office hit in 2018 and a confirmation by producer, Amy Pascal to io9 early in the summer sealed the deal. There’s little doubt that Into The Spider-Verse returning to the silver screen is already working up fans, even the Sony Pictures arm in Malaysia boosted excitement with an online contest last year for crying out loud. 

In a time where the Spider-Man character will be reigning supreme in the interdimensional Sony Pictures and Disney realm (pun intended), there couldn’t be a more perfect moment for the continuum-busting saga to give us another one of the best superhero content of all time. 

Sure, a financial hiccup between the entertainment giants to include Spider-Man/Peter Parker in the MCU frustrated fans about the whole ‘who owns the rights to the character’ dispute. Hence the formation of the #SaveSpiderMan army.

Marvel Studios producer Kevin Feige’s announcement to returning Spidey to its rightful place in the MCU relieved the fanbase, and the cherry on top is the animated blockbuster’s sequel. Sony didn’t provide any details about the casting lineup but one can always get creative by crafting a fanfic plot if you’re a diehard Marvel junkie like most Twitter fans have.  

Oh and if you’ve forgotten most of the movie, you can stream it on Netflix right here and now. Do it, you know you want to.


This article was written by Fatima Qureshi for Stuff Malaysia