Spider-man sends his regards in the latest Captain America: Civil War trailer

Two words from the web slinger sent Marvel fans into a frenzy

We knew it was coming. But the first look at Spider-man's (played by Tom Holland) appearance in Captain America: Civil War has finally seen the light of day.

The level of fan service for the web slinger's suit is also very high. In just those few seconds, you can catch a glimpse of the suit's design, stripped down to the very basic and classic look of the good-old Spider-man. None of the fancy markings or inspiration from Under Armour designs, just a simple spandex costume with accompanying big, white eyes squinting at you.

While the appearance was fleeting, it signals the start of Spider-man's crucial role in breaking up the fight between the opposing superheroes. And true to the comics' Civil War storyline, the web slinger started off on Iron Man's side, though it remains to be seen how close the MCU will stick to the source material.

That shall be revealed on 28 April when Captain America: Civil War hits theatres.