Disney And Sony Go Civil War Over Spider-Man; Disney Loses

What’s going to happen to Peter Parker in the MCU?

The friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man is Marvel’s most popular superhero; from his debut in the comics, to a handful of successful live-action movies, no other superhero brings in the money as much as everyone’s favourite web-crawler. And with that, comes the greatest villain in the comic book industry: Greed.

Right after the lacklustre performance of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 in 2014, Sony let Marvel have partial ownership of Spider-Man’s silver screen appearances, which allowed for Tom Holland to be the new Spider-Man and join the rest of the MCU, starting with Captain America: Civil War. Spider-Man soon had his own solo movie under the MCU banner, as a joint venture between Disney and Sony.

Flash forward to 2019 and now both Disney and Sony has decided to end their co-financing relation on the character and his solo films. Thanks to a report on Deadline, we now know that both parties could not establish a deal going forward with regards to Spider-Man’s place in the MCU. It seems that Disney was asking for a 50/50 co-financing agreement for future Spider-Man films, including the ones not starring Tom Holland like Venom and Into The Spider-verse. Sony declined, especially since Far From Home has been the highest-grossing Sony film in history, with Venom and Spider-verse also making a staggering amount of money at the box office as well.

Disney was not interested with the 5% gross revenue profit share that they are receiving now, and both parties aren’t keen on making each other money. So for now, Spider-Man is going solo. The biggest losers in this deal are the fans and producer Kevin Feige, who undoubtedly made the MCU to what it is today. No Tom Holland-led Spider-Man movies have been announced just yet, though initial reports are saying that his contract has him signed for at least one more. In the meantime, do expect Venom 2 and Spider-verse 2 to be coming soon by Sony.