A spacebar you can eat

Forgot your mouse? It's OK. Grab a donut replacement

We have Kickstarter to thank for one heck of a funny project, Makey Makey Go, which you can use to turn anything edible into a replacement key or even a mouse button.

It looks like something you would make as a kid with alligator clips. Which is what the kit is - a USB dongle attached to two alligator clips. The whole purpose of the invention, says the maker, is to inspire people into unleashing their own inner inventor. One enterprising person stuck the Makey Makey Go into jello, thus making a weird controller. Slapping jello to play games will certainly add a new dimension to gaming, we think.

For US$19 you too can stick alligator clips to everything, just for the heck of it. The good news is the project is already fully-funded, because hey, who wouldn't want a doughnut mouse?

[Source: The Gadgeteer]