South Park Oculus is a fun virtual tour for fans

Take a stroll around South Park from your browser. Just don't ask who killed Kenny
South Park Oculus is a fun virtual tour for fans

What happens when you have a bunch of 3D-skilled fans of South Park? If they happen to be working at the same company, you get South Park for Oculus Rift. The obviously-too-talented crew at Tool decided to recreate South Park in 3D. They also happen to be behind a rather famous Mini Cooper commercial.

“We needed a free world experience with a bit of an edge and a beautiful simplicity. So naturally we landed on the world of South Park, which was a perfect blend of everything.” Or so they rationalised their choice of South Park. (We're onto you, guys) But in all seriousness, the end result of their rendition is very much true to the show and its spirit. Hard to believe that it only took the Tool team a few short weeks in June.


3D for hilarity

South Park Oculus is a fun virtual tour for fans

Tool said that it only used low-level tech components of the Unity player so it could keep focused on building the whole South Park city. Designers and motion graphics people were the ones who were working on it and used features including sprite sheets, 3D sounds as well as the Oculus Rift Player Controller.

You don't actually need a pair of Oculus Rift gear to have fun. All you need to do is download the Unity plug-in and then take your own little traipse around South Park.

What you need to do is just head to the non-Oculus browser version and you will be prompted to install the Unity web player.

The developers parting message on their website: "Our hope is that you enjoy exploring and rediscovering your love for this amazing show as much as we did creating." Aww.

For more on how they actually created it, just visit Tool’s website.

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