SoundSight headphones put a camera in your cans

Think 1080p-recording cans are as useful as a solar-powered torch? Think again...
SoundSight headphones put a camera in your cans

Video? Not what you look for in a pair of headphones, surely?Not normally. Sound quality, comfort, style: yes. The ability to record 1080p video? We'd never even considered it until SoundSight rolled out these camera-equipped cans. But if you think about it, it makes a kind of sense: say you're DJing a gig, and you wanted to share it with friends and fans. These headphones make it possible to live stream exactly what's going on around you.

How would my adoring fans be able to see it?The wireless hi-tech headphones feature audio- and video-recording capabilities thanks to five microphones and a 1080p HD rotating camera mounted to the outside of the ear cups. That allows you to share the moment right here, right now. You can even add a SoundTrack when they join your live stream, right from your headphones. 

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What if I want to edit my videos before sharing them?With Bluetooth built in, SoundSight comes with a companion app for Android and iOS that lets you record directly to your camera roll – where you can edit those videos. No need to worry about whether the sound quality matches the image, either, as you can add different music clips. Simple.

Wireless? The battery life must be worse than an iPhoneThe company claims that, with all the features activated, you can expect around four hours of action from the 800mAh battery. With just the active noise cancellation switched on, this is increased to 18 hours. What's more, by using these headphones you'd be using your smartphone less – meaning that it should last longer too.

How much would I have to fork out?At the moment, you can pre-order a pair of SoundSight headphones for US$349 (around RM1110). However, a retail pair will cost $499 (RM1600), so pre-ordering them will save you a solid wedge when they're officially launched next spring. Will they take off? We're not sure, but they're bound to be of use to some, and we've seen more bizarre gadgets. It's innovation, really.

[Source: SoundSight]