Sorry IPhone 6 Users, No IOS 13 For You

As always, older iPhone generations will get left behind

In today's age of smartphone, it doesn't take long for older tech to get left behind. With Apple's latest iOS 13 announced, jam-packed with new features, the question on every iPhone user's mind is; will this come to my iPhone?

The answer to that depends on the list provided:

If your iPhone was not listed, tough luck. You're going to need up upgrade to a newer model if you want to use the latest iOS 13. This is pretty much a given, but so far the worse hit users are the iPhone 6 users. Many of which have expressed their disappointment that their devices had been left behind so much on Twitter, that the "iPhone 6" has become a trending topic on the social media site.

The iPhone 6 model, which was first released in 2014, is even no longer listed for purchase on the official Apple Malaysia website. Yikes. Local Apple product retailer Switch is listing a 32GB model for MYR1,099.