Soon, all-you-can-eat unlimited storage for Office 365 users

Perhaps this is a bid to make Office 365 a more attractive proposition than Google Apps
Soon, all-you-can-eat unlimited storage for Office 365 users

In a surprise move, Microsoft has now declared that it's removing its usage cap and instead giving its Office 365 users unlimited storage. Where once the cap was a hefty 1TB, now so long as you have a Home, University or Business account, you will get as much space to store your documents.


All the storage, but will you use it?

Soon, all-you-can-eat unlimited storage for Office 365 users

The funny thing is, though, that Home, Personal and University subscribers will be getting the unlimited storage first while Business users will start seeing the upgrade in 2015. Perhaps it's assumed that Business users will be using up more data than the average home user?

Google Apps for business has been a popular solution for smaller companies and perhaps this way, Microsoft sees it as a way to win over users considering you'd be getting (theoretically) unlimited storage for a (small in comparison) fee.

Cloud storage is becoming cheaper and with cloud solutions like Dropbox becoming very popular, with app and web integrations, pushing OneDrive might be a good idea for Microsoft.

As it is, personal Microsoft Office licenses are already on the cheap side, proving to be rather affordable for those who want the features of the full Office suite without paying the steep price needed to purchase a copy of Office Professional.

Why choose Office over, say, free solutions like Office Drive? One big reason is Outlook - still a popular scheduling and email solution for businesses, with Office 365 making it a cheaper proposition than buying licenses for all the office PCs. Will Google respond in kind for its paid-for Google Apps? We'll just have to wait and see.

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[Source: Microsoft]