Sony's SmartWatch 3 might finally make its way to Malaysia

Sony Malaysia teases device on Facebook page

One of the first Android Wear watches to include GPS when it first came out, the Sony SmartWatch 3 was Sony's third try at smartwatches. While it's been out for a while, it still hasn't officially launched here. That will change soon according to Sony Malaysia's Facebook page.

Tagging the post #ComingSoon, Sony posted up a picture of the watch as well as a link to the device's specs.

With a 320x320 display, a battery rated for two days of life, accelerometer, GPS, gyroscope, compass, 512MB of RAM, 4GB flash storage and a 1.2Ghz processor, the watch is an interesting proposition though not quite as fancy as the latest smartwatches out this year.

To see other pictures of the watch, check out Sony's page for the device. No pricing or release date has been confirmed as yet.

[Source: Sony Malaysia]