Sony's online PC gaming wing sold off, renamed Daybreak

EverQuest players (yes, they still exist) will still be able to play their games and perhaps soon so will people on Xbox
Sony's online PC gaming wing sold off, renamed Daybreak

While the Sony PlayStation business seems to be doing just fine, things weren't quite as rosy for its Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) division which was home to MMOs such as Everquest and DC Universe Online. The New York Times' Bits blog reported that it is has been sold to an investment firm - Columbus Nova.

The games aren't going anywhere; instead the division will be renamed Daybreak Game Company. Its president John Smedley has confirmed that certain projects such as EverQuest Next, a free-to-play title will still be happening and that Daybreak would be working to port its games to a previously untouchable platform: the Xbox.

Is there still room for the MMO

While WoW is still around despite its age and shrinking playerbase, it's been a struggle for other big online gaming franchises to remain afloat. Even The Elder Scrolls Online has given up on its subscription-based model and gone the free-to-play route.

Besides EverQuest and EverQuest 2, Daybreak also houses the titles Planetside 2 and besides EverQuest Next, also has the games Landmark and H1Z1 in the pipeline.

With Sony shutting down its PC business, it's no surprise that its PC online gaming division was sold off too but while there won't be anymore Vaio machines, the old dinosaur of MMOs EverQuest will still be around for the more nostalgic camers.

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[Source: NYT]